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Helping kids reach for the stars

Brisbane Junior Theatre is a youth based not-for-profit theatre company producing Broadway Musicals acted by young performers. Supported by a great team of people who understand performance and production, everything we do aims at producing significant quality productions at an affordable price with the best motives, skills and processes possible.

A junior theatre for the real world

BJT provides a service that helps transition students from the classroom to the professional theatre world. Many of our young performers have continued on to land roles in television shows and touring theatre productions.

All shows are double cast to give performers multiple opportunities and a more diverse experience. Imagine having a resume full of more than 20+ roles as part of your audition for a professional show.

Safety. Creativity. Excellence.

BJT productions revolve around an atmosphere of safety where performers are free to take risks and express their creativity and imagination. Rehearsals are used to train performers, not put them down. We foster an environment that leads to lifelong friendships.

Inclusive culture. Open to special needs. All are welcome.

Everyone is welcome at BJT. We take steps to ensure all children can be involved as much as possible. Our only requirement is that children listen to instruction and are not disruptive to the show or culture.

The Creative Directors


Thanks for the huge investment, not only in the life of our daughter but all the kids of BJT. They learn a lot more than dancing, singing and acting in the week. It really is a selfless sacrifice for the youth of this country.

Frederik and Sonya

The girls enjoyed this experience so much and talk about the show and all the ‘backstage antics’ for months afterwards. The lasting memories they have are obviously treasured

Kim and Hermann

Our daughter’s dreams have come true this week, she will never forget the opportunities you have given her.

Pete and Michelle

I have loved being part of BJT and really appreciate all the work and heart you have put into all of us. I will come away from this with many friends, great memories, and a new theatre home!


You’re both not only talented in musical theatre but also in nurturing young talented performers. In just one week I have been able to broaden my thoughts, ideas and gifts.