BJT Academy exists to provide essential training, knowledge, and in-depth Musical Theatre development for our young actors in conjunction with our BJT main stage one week productions.

At our Academy we are dedicated to equipping actors with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the world of performing arts.

Our mission goes beyond the spotlight; it extends to nurturing our young individuals while carrying the values of creativity, excellence and safety.

BJT helps young performers improve musical and theatrical skills, and inspires their confidence to dream big and achieve more.


Every session and show is run by trained professionals who are active in the industry, helping performers to transition from the classroom to professional theatre.


Thanks for the huge investment, not only in the life of our daughter but all the kids of BJT. They learn a lot more than dancing, singing and acting in the week. It really is a selfless sacrifice for the youth of this country.

Frederik and Sonya

The girls enjoyed this experience so much and talk about the show and all the ‘backstage antics’ for months afterwards. The lasting memories they have are obviously treasured

Kim and Hermann

You’re both not only talented in musical theatre but also in nurturing young talented performers. In just one week I have been able to broaden my thoughts, ideas and gifts.


I have loved being part of BJT and really appreciate all the work and heart you have put into all of us. I will come away from this with many friends, great memories, and a new theatre home!


Our daughter’s dreams have come true this week, she will never forget the opportunities you have given her.

Pete and Michelle

Guys and Dolls in Dec 2023 is BJT’s 100th fully resourced, quality Broadway-based musical theatre for young performers 5-18 all produced in one week since 2001.


2024 Season

April Show – Mary Poppins

Rehearsal and Shows: April 1 – 6

Auditions: March 23 at 1pm – 4pm

Audition Intensive: March 16 at 12pm – 3pm

June Show – Aladdin Jr.

Rehearsal and Shows: June 24 – 29

Auditions: June 15 at 1pm – 4pm

Audition Intensive: June 8 at 12pm – 3pm

Our weekly After-School Workshops teach musical theatre songs, dances, scenes and improvisations in a fun, interactive environment.