Jack Bradford and Jesse Bradford are announcing that As Soon As Possible, BJT is opening Private Acting Lessons online.

  • Lessons will cover “Acting Technique, Dialogue Delivery, Song, Movement and Acting Integration, Interpretation Skills and Improvisation.
  • Lessons will be done online using Facetime, Skype, Google or Zoom using your phones, Ipads or computers. Technological help will be available
  • When possible we are planning Zoom classes where actors can have readings of short plays and scenes online with instruction and creative interpretation.
  • Zac and Debbie are also continuing with online voice and Piano lessons and are able to fit in more students.
  • Class payments will differ with the instructor as well as the class.

For information call Jack or Debbie on 0438896436 and schedule a lesson.


Thank you all so much for understanding and continued support. We want to make this time of Isolation and recovery as meaningful and fun as possible for all BJT participants and families.

Jack Bradford
Brisbane Junior Theatre

BJT helps young performers improve musical and theatrical skills, and inspires their confidence to dream big and achieve more.


Every session and show is run by trained professionals who are active in the industry, helping performers to transition from the classroom to professional theatre.


Thanks for the huge investment, not only in the life of our daughter but all the kids of BJT. They learn a lot more than dancing, singing and acting in the week. It really is a selfless sacrifice for the youth of this country.

Frederik and Sonya

The girls enjoyed this experience so much and talk about the show and all the ‘backstage antics’ for months afterwards. The lasting memories they have are obviously treasured

Kim and Hermann

Our daughter’s dreams have come true this week, she will never forget the opportunities you have given her.

Pete and Michelle

I have loved being part of BJT and really appreciate all the work and heart you have put into all of us. I will come away from this with many friends, great memories, and a new theatre home!


You’re both not only talented in musical theatre but also in nurturing young talented performers. In just one week I have been able to broaden my thoughts, ideas and gifts.


BJT has produced over 65 high quality Broadway based musical theatre shows for young performers since 2001.


Our weekly After-School Workshops teach musical theatre songs, dances, scenes and improvisations in a fun, interactive environment.