Jack Bradford, Director

Aladdin Jr., our first BJT production of 2014 is a story of hope, love and good fortune. Aladdin, a person who really has nothing, discovers a Princess and hopes for fulfillment and love and then discovers a lamp and a Genie who wants him 3 wishes. Ultimately, Aladdin chooses to let Genie have “her” freedom, a touching act of generosity. I think this is why Disney was so successful with this tale. The music is brilliant the story is funny and quick and the characters are delightful.

I am proud and excited to be part of this BJT production. Firstly I want to express a great thank you to Janet, Jacob, Jen, Carrie, Neil, Stephen and Glenda who helped put together this production of Aladdin. Thank you also to the teams of set builders, costumers and helpers who supported the team leaders! Also thank you to Sandie and Deb in Administration. A great appreciation also goes to all the parents who work on makeup and backstage as well as the box office. Finally, thank you to all the fine cast of actors who really grasped the heart of this pay. Now to you audience! Be mesmerized and carried away to the land of Agrabah and may you take some of Aladdin’s bits of life-changing wisdom and good fortune with you!


Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has tail! Our story begins with Princess Jasmine being forced to choose a husband by her father the Sultan. In an attempt to flee the feeling of being trapped she disguises herself among her people and runs into Aladdin, a poor street urchin being framed for stealing a loaf of bread. Aladdin is arrested by Razoul and the guards and put into a cave, where he finds a lamp and rubs it, releasing a Genie. Genie helps Aladdin escape the cave, and become a prince to win the hand of Princess Jasmine. Meanwhile Jafar the villainous vizier and his sidekick parrot lago secretly rewrite a law so that the Princess will have to marry the Sultan’s highest ranking officer, Jafar, if she tails to choose a husband in the allotted time. Will Aladdin and Jasmine find true happiness? Will Jafar’s evil plot be successful? Wilt the Genie be free? All will be revealed!


The Cast of ‘Aladdin’

Riff Raff Cast

Street Rat Cast

Aladdin Jackson Head Jonathon Albrecht
Jasmine Macarra Berthaly-Martyn Rachael Macnaught
Jafar Travis Harries Samuel Bailey
Genie Jasmine Cabrera Bianca Dinkelmann
Sultan Yael Gilbert David Canham
Razoul Liam Head Zachary Miller
Narrator 1 Hannah Rae Gemma Ritchie
Narrator 2 Teresa Stringer Lauren McGuckin
Narrator 3 Georgianna Berthaly-Martyn Claudia McNaughton
Narrator 4 Chloe Thiel Claire Bignell
Narrator 5 Challanor Gilbert Ebony Banks
Narrator 6 Triona Giles Ally Moodie
Iago Emma Venzke Grace Keane-Jones
Abu (monkey) Abi Thiel Jessica Stone
Magic Carpet 1 Ellie Ritchie Charlotte Vincent
Magic Carpet 2 Emily Hudson Brianna Middleton
Guard 1 Elliot Nutter Elliot Nutter
Guard 2 Aaron Aanat Josh Mellor
Prince Baba of Ganoush Brendan McGrory Brendan McGrory
Prince Dahdu Run Run Sean Tayler Sean Tayler
Prince Formerly Known Alex Kuchmenko Alex Kuchmenko
Harem Singer 1 Chitelo Vai Mbuzi Jada Parsons
Harem Singer 2 Brianna McGrory Stephanie Inches
Harem Singer 3 Maddi Coleman Courtney Fitzgerald
Harem Singer 4 Mina Aanat Anais French
Thief Josh Mellor Elizabeth Marriott
Butcher Caitlenn Alsop Caitlin Grant
Baker Elliot Nutter Sarah McDonald
Grocer Twyla Akhurst Ellanah Vicca
Matron Maddi Coleman Courtney Fitzgerald
Townsperson/speaking Kelsey Pigram Kelsey Pigram
Mini Jasmine Martina Marrama Elizabeth Aboud
Mini Aladdin Jackson Hughesman Patrick McGrory
Opening Narrator Ellanah Vicca Twyla Akhurst


Ensemble: Lucy Stone, Darcy Harries, Jacqueline Vincent, Rose Moodie, Isabelle Olding, Nicholas Olding, Keeley Ninnes, Ella Zappert, Harry Zappert, Emma-Lee Prowse, Charlise Clark, Elizabeth Mellor, Spencer Mitchell, Zac McIver, Kelsey Bailey, Phoebe Bailey

Mini Genies: Harry Zappert, Darcy Harries, Spencer Mitchell, Nicholas Olding, Aaron Aanat, Lucy Stone, Jessica Stone, Jacqueline Vincent, Rose Moodie, Isabelle Olding, Keeley Ninnes, Ella Zappert, Emma-Lee Prowse, Charlise Clark, Abi Thiel

Harem Dancers: Stephanie Inches, Ally Moodie, Lauren McGuckin, Chloe Thiel, Challanor Gilbert, Ebony Banks, Anais French, Teresa Stringer, Claire Bignell

Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Director’s Assistant Jose deAndrede
Music Director Jacob Bradford
Music Directors Assistant Jesse Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Production Assistants Jess Stringer, Jess Schultz
Choreography Janet Thiel
Costume Manager Jennifer French
Costume Assistants Leanne Head, Bernadette Vincent, Carolyn Vincent, Bernadette Macnaught
Make up Design Bridget Ingle
Publicist Alix Hill
Props Carrie Akhurst
Stage Set Carrie Akhurst, Brian Clarke, Ian Bulloch
Sound Neil Moodie
Lights Design Stephen Moodie, Jack Bradford
Lights Operation Jesse Bradford
Spotlight Robbie Mitchell
Overhead Jose deAndrede
Administration/Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
Stage Manager Julie Canham
Music and Sound Operator Glenda Whittred
Photography Leanne Head, Kyle Head
Artwork Josh Miller