Jack Bradford, Director

‘Alice in Wonderland ‘ is a classic story of a young girl with a journey of discovery. The ‘Disney‘ version is very well known and has iconic meaning behind every character and scene. This BJT production has been a pleasure to direct! The cast and crew have been incredibly professional in assembling such a fine show. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this show.



On a perfect summer day in the park, Alice daydreams while her sister Mathilda lectures from a book. A White Rabbit suddenly hurries past Alice, who follows him to the edge of his hole, anxious to know where he is going. Alice follows him to Wonderland and has many adventures, including a conversation with a doorknob, participating in a caucus race, a mad tangled dance with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. After shrinking, then meeting some rude flowers, she meets a bubble blowing caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat, who directs her to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Alice follows the White Rabbit into the Royal Rose Garden and meets the Queen of Hearts. Back in the park. Alice wakes up from her dream, but discovers the White Rabbits watch next to her.


Cast List

Tweedle Dee Cast

Tweedle Dum Cast

ALICE Hannah Rae Rachael Macnaught
QUEEN Triona Giles Rosemary Ingle
KING Brendan McGrory Yael Gilbert
WHITE RABBIT Liam Head Alex Kuchmenko  
MAD HATTER David Canham Travis Harries
CATERPILLAR Teresa Stringer Lauren McGuckin
MATHILDA Bronwyn Akhurst Stephanie Inches
TALL ALICE Stephanie Inches Bronwyn Akhurst
SMALL ALICE Martina Marrama Katrina Kerr
TWEEDLE DUM Gemma Ritchie Katelyn Eiby
TWEEDLE DEE Courtney Fitzgerald Maddie Coleman
MARCH HARE Emma Venzke Challanor Gilbert
DOORKNOB Grace Keane-Jones Brianna McGrory
DODO BIRD Patrick McGrory Rhianna Brown
CHESHIRE CAT 1 Ellanah Vicca Beth Davies
CHESHIRE CAT 2 Twylah Akhurst Zac Miller
CHESIRE CAT 3 Kelsey Pigram Laura Shaw
ROSE Rhianna Brown Melanie Kerr
PETUNIA Anais French Talia Kerr
LILY Rachel Elmendorp Piper Rosenblatt
VIOLET Caitlin Grant Gabi Joseph
DAISY Mina Aanat Charlie Orford
ROYAL CARDSMAN Marco Demeter Izaiah Fergusson
ROCK LOBSTER Courtney Hammel Ellie Gresham



Dominic French, Millicent Trims, Sarah Crepin, Spencer Mitchell, Zac McIver, Alicia Maccarone, Katelyn Maccarone, Bobby Orford, Amber Orford, Dani Tapprest, Emma Hayes, Sarah Cross.


Mina Aanat, Stephanie Inches, Grace Keane-Jones, Anais French, Gabi Joseph

Production Team



The Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Choreography Janet Thiel
Costume Design Geena Luckin
Costume Assistants Maggie Duncan
Makeup Design Bridget Ingle
Publicist Alix Hill
Props Carrie Akhurst
Stage Set Brian Clark, Ian Bulloch, Carrie Akhurst
Artwork Josh Miller
Sound Neil Moodie
Lights Design Stephen Moodie
Lights Operation Josh Lucht
Spotlight Paul Gandini
Overhead Jose deAndrede
Administration/Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Chantelle Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
Stage Manager Julie Canham
DVD Production Mike Canham
Photography/Video Cynthia Cliff
CD Operator Glenda Whittred