Jack Bradford, Director

This is BJT’s second production of “Annie Jr” and our incredible cast and crew have worked tirelessly throughout this week to produce this rags to riches story where hope and love prevail through great characters and music! This will be a production that we will all remember.

I would like to thank the sets, sound, lights and costume crew for all of your hard work. I am also grateful for Debbie, George, Megan and all the creative team for an excellent job. I am looking forward to “Once Upon A Mattress” in the September School Holidays.



“Annie” the musical is based on the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie”, about 11 year old Annie who wants to be rescued from the orphanage. When billionaire Oliver Warbucks wants to adopt Annie, he has to deal with the mean-spirited matron Agatha Hannigon who runs the orphanage.


Cast List

 Orphan Team

Brooklyn Cast

Bronx Cast

Annie Tessa Miller Hannah Rae
Molly Rhianna Brown Gabrielle Cawley
Pepper Sophie Perkins Sarah Pollack
Duffy Phoebe Redgen Phoebe Redgen
July Nicole Jackson Rosemary Ingle
Tessie Paris Varnier Lily Colmer
Kate Hannah Barr Alanna Pacholke
Daisy Sarah Moore Angela Toomey
Ruby Eve Sheraton Emma Venzke
Nelly Georgiana Berthaly-Martyn Tess Kelly
Miss Hannigan Hannah Cliff Emma Bourke
Daddy Warbucks Cody Arthur Liam O’Byrne
Rooster Martin Ingle Dryden Bingham
Lily Macarra Berthaly-Martyn Kaisha-Lee Durban
Bundles McCloskey Lachlan Farnfield Jesse Bradford
Apple Seller Bailey Millard Emily Reece
Dog Catcher Isabel McCall Ellie Ritchie
Dog Catcher 2 Dominic Mitchell Dominic Mitchell
Sandy Lucy Bawden Caleb Sheraton
Sgt. Thayer Margaret Ackhurst Bronwyn Ackhurst
Lt. Ward Jacob Bradford Jacob Bradford
Sophie The Kettle Laura Garrick Laura Garrick
Harry/Soloist Max Ramsey Regan Samuels
A Star To Be Zoe Jones Sophie Perkins
F.D. Roosevelt Jose DeAndrades David Canham
Ickes Eloise Crowther Chloe McMillan
Howe Isabell McCall Elise Cranny
Hull Brianna Dunn Gemma Ritchie
Grace Farrell Alicia Miller Zoe Jones
Drake Jacob Moore Amy Williamson
Mrs. Pugh Nicole Harvey Maddison Joyce
Cecille Natasha Walker Lauren Cawley
Mrs. Greer Lizzy Cramsie Mikaela Charlton
Annette Jessica Panton Jo Kelly Fenton
Bert Healy Jesse Bradford Lachlan Farnfield
Freida McCracken/Applause Serena Panton Julia Toomey
Jenny Johnson/Cards Bethany Cranny Delaney Harrison
Sound Effects Man Rosie DeAndrade Lize Erasmus
Connie Boylan Katelyn Goyen Lauren Vaulier
Bonnie Boylan Saphire Dobbie Emma Linde
Ronnie Boylan Alix Hill Georgia O’Byrne
NYC Usherette Hannah Hobson Rheana Cawley
NYC Angry Person Emily Reece Emily Reece


Production Team



The Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Assistant to the Music Director Ryan McMillan
Choreographer George Canham
Assistant to the Choreographer Megan Goodall
Costume Co-Ordinators Debbie Barr & Judy Pacholke, Taryn Samuels
Production Manager Lydia Varnier
Stage Managers Julie Canham & Mike Canham
Stage Set & Design Supervisor Karen Deandrade
Stage Set & Design Assistants Brian Clark, Fred Bingham, Johanna Denne, Tamarund Taylor, Dave Hobson, U.U Sheraton,
Props Linda Bingham, Anne Toomey
Makeup & Hair Co-Ordinator Jemma Whittred
Makeup & Hair Assistants Bridget Ingle, Jessica Gandini
Sound Desk Neil Moodie
Lights Operation Stephen Moodie
Spotlight Operator Zac Bradford
Music & Sound Operator Glenda Whittred
Video Cameraman David Cliff
Photography Cynthia Cliff
Canteen Lydia Varnier, Kylie Harrison, Glenda Jackson
Administration Kylie Harrison