Jack Bradford, Director

Directors Notes: “Beauty and the Beast” is a big undertaking, and well worth the effort, as you will see! Our cast has been incredible in the rehearsal process, and this is reflected in the show. The music and story, straight from the Disney archives, are brilliant and full of life. Thank you to the production team, without them the show wouldn’t go on!



Once upon a time, an Enchantress turns a cruel, unfeeling Prince into a hideous Beast. To break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose.

Ten years later, in a small village below the Beast’s Castle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Belle yearns for something more than her provincial life. Belle’s father, Maurice, gets lost and seeks shelter in the castle. Enchanted servants-Cogsworth, Lumiere, Babelle, Mrs Potts and Chip-try to make Maurice comfortable, but the Beast imprisons the intruder. To the dismay of the Silly Girls, who fawn over Gaston, the village brute proposes to Belle who turns him down. When Belle sees Gaston’s sidekick, Lefou, wearing Maurice’s scarf, Belle runs off to search for him. Belle finds her father at the castle and offers herself in exchange for his freedom. The Beast agrees.

In the village lavern, Lefou and the villagers try to lift Gaston’s spirits. When ‘crazy old Maurice’ barges in claiming he has seen a Beast, Gaston and Lefou form a plan to win Belle. At the castle, the servants coach the Beast on how to act like a gentleman. When Bell refuses to accept the Beast’s invitation to dinner, he loses his temper, and tells her to starve. However Lumiere and the Servants offer Belle an extravagant feast. While Cogsworth is gives Belle a tour of the castle, she wanders off and into the forbidden West Wing. The Beast discovers this and explodes causing the frightened Belle to flee the castle. In the forest, Belle is attacked by wolves. The Beast saves her, but is injured.

Having a change of heart, Belle helps the Beast back to the castle, and dresses his wounds. The servants sense something different between Belle and the Beast and express their hope that the spell may soon be broken. Belle longs to see her father, and she uses the Beast’s magic mirror and sees that he is in trouble. The Beast lets her go and she finds Maurice in the forest and takes him home. Gaston has arranged for Monsieur D’Arque to take him to the lunatic asylum. Belle proves that her father is not crazy by showing the Beast in the magic mirror.

Jealous of Belle’s affection for someone else, Gaston whips the villagers into a frenzy to kill the Beast. Gaston confronts and stabs the Beast. Belle arrives and holds the dying Beast in her arms. Her weeping breaks the spell and the Beast transforms back into the Prince. The servants become human again and they live happily ever after!


Cast List

Mirror Cast

Rose Cast

Belle Bethany Conwell Macarra Berthaly-Martyn
Beast Jonathan Albrecht Robbie Mitchell
Gaston Sam Tully Jackson Head
Lefou Alex Kuchmenko Kayne Missen
Maurice Yael Gilbert Yael Gilbert
Mrs Potts Marcia Penman Gabrielle Parkin
Lumiere Nathan Hollingworth Liam Head
Cogsworth Travis Harries Meg Cohen
Chip Abigail Theil Jessica Stone
Babette Lauren McGuckin Jasmin Paterson
Madame de la Grand Bouche Maddi Coleman Teresa Stringer
Young Prince Ned Franklin Patrick McGrory
Young Belle Gabby Mumford Martina Marrama
Young Mrs Potts Chelsea Docherty Chelsea Docherty
Old Woman/Enchantress Grace Keane-Jones Stephanie Inches
Silly Girl 1 Hannah Rae Claudia McNaughton
Silly Girl 2 Rachael Macnaught Bronte Paterson
Silly Girl 3 Samantha MacKenzie Rachel Markham
Narrator 1 Courtney Fitzgerald Elly Smith
Narrator 2 Becky Ho Emma Venzke
Narrator 3 Chloe Theil Zachary Miller
Narrator 4 Challanor Gilbert Elannah Vicca
Monsieur D’Arque Brendan McGrory Brendan McGrory
Aristrocratic Lady Brianna McGrory Claire Rigg
Fish Woman Kelsey Pigram Anna McGraw
Egg Woman Piper Rosenblatt Caitlin Grant
Sausage Curl Girl Melanie Kerr Georgia Huf
Baker Anais French Laura Shaw
Lady with Cane Ellie Gresham Jessica Bellby
Lady with Baby Mina Aanat Bridie Isaac
Candle Woman Shontelle Price Ebony Wilson
Hat Seller Lauren Bellby Roseanna deAndrade
Milkmaid Bethany Irvine Izaiah Fergusson
Shepherd Boy Henry Franklin Aaron Aanat
Bookseller Jesse Price Twyla Akhurst
Castle/Village Chorus Cassle Woolf, Isabelle Olding, Lucy Stone, Katrina Kerr, Trinity Huf, Spencer Mitchell, Leo Franklin, Kate Gresham, Jacqueline Vincent, Dominic Frech, Nicholas Olding, Charlotte Vincent, Siena Hardie
Servlettes Rachael Macnaught, Grace Keane-Jones, Stephanie Inches, Rachel Markham, Chloe Theil, Claire Rigg, Melanie Kerr, Becky Ho, Anna McGraw, Hannah Rae
Wolves Challanor Gilbert, Zach Miller, Mina Aanat, Ellanah Vicca, Martina Marrama, Gabby Mumford


Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Director’s Assistants Janet Theil, Jesse Bradford, Jose deAndrede
Music Director Debbie Bradford, Chantelle Bradford, Jacob Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Choreography Janet Theil
Costume Design Geena Luckin, Jennifer French
Costume Assistants Coralie Stringer, Leanne Head
Makeup Design Bridget Ingle
Publicist Alix Hill
Props Karen deAndrade
Stage Set Karen deAndrade, Ian Bulloch, Ian Fair, Nicole Franklin, Josh Miller, Jo Hart, Jess Schultz, Rachel Bishop, Brian Clark
Artwork Josh Miller
Sound Neil Moodie
Lights Design Stephen Moodie
Lights Operation Jesse Bradford
Spotlight Lachlan Farnfield
Overhead Jose deAndrade
Music Operator Glenda Whittred
Administration Sandie Mitchell
Canteen Jackie Hill
Box Office Chantelle Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
Stage Manager Julie Canham
DVD Production Mike Canham
Photographer Leanne Head
Smoke Machine Josh Lucht