Jack Bradford, Director

Directors Notes: ‘Fiddle’ has wonderful themes and great songs including ‘Tradition’, ‘Matchmaker’ and ‘If I Were a Rich Man’. I think what makes this play so powerful is that the themes mean so much and continue to do so to each new generation that comes along. Tevye, our hero, is not a great politician or a famout person, he represents everyman. Tevye struggles to reconcie his faith and love for his family with the rules he has lived by all his life. Sound familiar? We can all relate to the sense of belonging we see in the people of Anatevka!

I would like to thank all of the production team and volunteer helpers that made ‘Fiddler’ happen. Much gratitude to the makeup and backstage parent helpers. It really does take a village to product quality theatre! Thank you to the fine cast of actors who really grasped the heart of this play. Now, to you the audience. Be mesmerised and carried away to the town at Anatevka, and may you take some pieces of life-changing wisdom away with you! As the good book says, ‘out of the mouths of babes…



FIDDLER ON THE ROOF-The year is 1905, and a Jewish community in Tsarist Russia is trying to eke out a living in the village of Anatevka. Tevye is a milkman who has a personal relationship with God in whom he confides all. He strives very hard to keep up the traditions of his faith, race and culture. He has five daughters, itself a problem, but what is more pressing is trying to find a husband for the eldest. Yente, the matchmaker does her best, but with no money and no dowry to offer, she finds that her work is very difficult.

Tzietel rejects the butcher, Lazar Wolf, to whom Tevye has promised her. She has her heart set on the young, penniless Motel. The ‘new way’ is that children shall decide partners for themselves-but will Golde, Tevye’s wife, accept this change in traditional values? Tevye conjures up a dream in an attempt to persuade Golde that Lazar Wolf is not a good match and that Grandmother would much prefer her granddaughter to marry the tailor. Golde is persuaded and that is the first chink in the breakdown of traditional values. At the wedding ceremony between Motel and Tzietel, there is an anti-Jewish demonstration, orchestrated by the Chief of Police, which casts into doubt the stability of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia.

Tevye’s second daughter, Hodel, has fallen love with Perchik, a political student, an activist against repressive regime. Tevye refused to give his permission for Hodel and Perchik to marry, but they inform Tevye that they do not wish to seek his permission to marry, but merely his blessing. Traditions are obviously changing. Later, Perchik is arrested and is to be sent to Siberia. Hodel intends to join him. She promises her father that they will be married under a canopy, in the traditional Jewish way. Chava, Tevye’s third daughter, has fallen in love with Fyedka, a Russian soldier. Not only is he Russian, he is not a Jew and the bending of tradition this far is something that Tevye cannot reconcile himself to. From this point on, Chava ceases to be his daughter and is shunned.

Meanwhile, Anatevke itself is under threat. The Jews are being forced to leave their homes, and many of them decide to go to live in America, where many have friends and relations. That is where Tevye and Golde and the younger children are to go. Motel and Tzietel, who now have a child of their own will join them. Chava and Fyedka, wanted by neither Jew nor Russian, go to live in Poland. The Fiddler on the Roof, the indomitable spirit of the Jewish people will live on in all of them.


Cast List

Moscow Cast

Kiev Cast

Tevye Jonathan Albrecht Jonathan Albrecht
Golde Jessie Stringer Triona Giles
Tzietel (Oldest Daughter)  Courtney Fitzgerald Lauren McGuckin
Motel (Tailor) Travis Harries Travis Harries
Hodel (2nd Daughter) Gemma Ritchie Macarra Berthaly-Martyn
Perchik (Student) Robbie Mitchell Robbie Mitchell
Chava (4th Daughter) Rachel Macnaught Chloe Thiel
Fyedka (Soldier) Alex Kuchmenko Zach Miller
Yente (MatchMaker) Maddi Coleman Twyla Akhurst
Lazar Wolf (Butcher) Yael Gilbert Yael Gilbert
Sphrintze (Daughter) Brianna McGrory Emma Venzke
Bielke (Youngest Daughter) Nicola Munday Martina Marrama
Mordcha (InnKeeper) Stephanie Inches Chloe Fallon
Avram (Book Seller) Piper Rosenblatt Izaiah Fergusson
Mendel (Rabbi’s Child) Patrick McGrory Patrick McGrory
Yussel (Hatter) Emma Thomas Kelsey Pigram
Constable Lachlan Farnfield Lachlan Farnfield
Rabbi/Soloist Jose De Andrade Jose De Andrade
Sasha (Soldier, Fyedka’s Friend) Zach Miller Alex Kuchmenko
Russians Ned Franklin, Henry Franklin
Fiddler Challanor Gilbert Challanor Gilbert
Village Women Mina Aanat, Isabelle Olding, Abi Thiel
Village Men Spencer Mitchell, Aaron Aanat, Nicholas Olding, Jesse Bradford


Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Choreography Janet Thiel
Costume Design Bernadette Macnaught
Costume Assistants Liz Inches, Maggie Duncan
Makeup Design Rosemary Ingle
Publicist Alix Hill
Props Carrie Akhurst
Stage Set Brian Clark, Ian Bulloch, Carrie Akhurst
Artwork Josh Miller
Sound Neil Moodie
Lights Design Stephen Moodie
Lights Operation Ricky Hobbs
Spotlight Paul Gandini
Overhead Andy Buckley
Administration/Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Chantelle Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
Stage Manager Julie Canham
DVD Production Mike Canham
Photography/Video Leanne Head
CD Operator Glenda Whittred