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Cast List

Red Cast

Blue Cast

Jesus/Stephen Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford
Judas/John The Baptist Lachlan Farnfield Lachlan Farnfield
Sonia/Turn Back O Man Lauren McGuckin Bianca Dinkleman
Lamar/All Good Gifts Kayne Missen Robbie Mitchell
Gilmer/Learn Your Lesson Well Jessie Stringer Gemma Ritchie
Peggy/By My Side Rosie De Andrade Hannah Rae
Jeffrey/We Beseech Thee David Canham Travis Harries
Robin/Day By Day Rachael Macnaught Ebony Banks
Herb/Light Of The World Jose DeAndrade Brendan McGrory
Joanne/Bless The Lord Teresa Stringer Claudia McNaughton
Joanne 2 Chelsea Docherty Maddie Coleman
Sonia 2 Emma Venzke Emma Venzke
Jeffrey 2 Samuel Bailey Samuel Bailey
Gilmer 2 Challanor Gilbert Kelsey Pigram
Peggy 2 Brianna McGrory Jada Parsons
Lamar 2 Ned Franklin Patrick McGrory
Robin 2 Martina Marrama Bethany Moore
Ensemble Sean Tayler Marco Demeter