A childless baker and his wife cannot have a child until they follow the bidding of the witch next door to get a cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold. Good thing, then that they’ve got neighbours named Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella to help them before (and after) Happily Ever After.

Act One: Cinderella wishes to go to the Prince’s ball, but her evil stepsisters and stepmother are doing everything they can to_ prevent her from doing this. Jack wishes for a better life, and his mom wishes for more money. Thus, Jack is made to sell his only friend, his cow, Milky-White. The Baker and his wife are childless, and want a child when the witch from next door tells them she placed a spell on their house preventing them from giving birth. Unless they make a potion by gathering the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold. All four go into the woods to fulfill their wishes in a funny display of mistakes-bargains, and more.

Act Two: All three groups have their wishes, but directly quoting, “Wishes may bring problems, such that you regret them, better that though than to never get them…”. Suddenly, a huge crash and boom is heard. The witch’s garden is trampled, and the Baker’s house almost destroyed. By what? Not what! It’s a who! A giant! The wife of the giant Jack killed! All go back into the woods. Jack to slay the giant. Cinderella – to investigate bad news of her mother’s grave. The Baker and his Wife – to lead Little Red Riding Hood to her grandma’s house. Through the Journey they get the repercussions of their earlier actions in a more serious way.


Cast List

Stephen Cast

Sondheim Cast

Narrator Ryan McMillan Eden Young
Jack Jacob Bradford Jesse Bradford
Baker Zac Bradford Liam O’Byrne
Cinderella’s Stepmother Laura Garrick Jemma Whittred
Lucinda (stepsister) Ashlee Smale Laura Garrick
Florinda (stepsister) Jacqui Denaro Lilly Rae
Little Red Riding Hood Emily Tomson Kaisha Durban
Cinderella’s Mother Millie Watson Jacqui Denaro
Wolf Dryden Bingham Cameron Cliff
Rapunzel Eden Young Hannah Cliff
Cinderella’s Prince Cody Arthur Lachlan Farnfield
Cinderella Lilly Rae Millie Watson
Jack’s Mother Roxanne Van Zyl Ashlee Smale
Baker’s Wife Emma Bourke Emma Bourke
Cinderella’s Father Jose DeAndrade Lucas Bonici
Witch Vanessa Moltzen Phoebe Ballard
Mysterious Man Paul Gandinni Paul Gandini
Granny Jemma Whittred Roxanne Van Zyl
Rapunzel’s Prince Michael Whittred Ryan McMillan
Steward  Cameron Cliff Dryden Bingham


Production Team



The Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Choreographer George Canham
Assistant to the Choreographer Megan Goodall
Costume Co-Ordinator Linda Bingham
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Stage Manager Julie Canham
Stage Set & Design Supervisor Karen Deandrade
Stage Set & Design Assistants Fred Bingham, Brian Clark
Make-up Jemma Wittred
Hair Jessica Gandini
Sound Desk Stephen Moodie
Lights Operation Jack Bradford
Spotlight George Canham
Music & Sound Operator Glenda Whittred
Canteen Debbie, George, Meagan
Administration Debbie Bradford