Jack Bradford, Director

I remember when Legally Blonde hit the cinemas in 2001 and was made into a Broadway Musical in 2007. The costume designer for the B-Way production was a good high school and college friend of mine. I watched with great interest hoping it would become a junior show for our kids and here it is nine years later.

We all love the boy meets girl, boy loses girl scenario. But in the footsteps of Funny Girl and Millie, it is the girl who loses the boy and finds her way and meaning in life.

This production has great songs like So Much Better and Legally Blonde and the show is filled with ‘pink’ and ‘dogs’ which makes it cool to be a powerful young girl in this day and age.

The fast paced movement of the scenes and the comic situations make a great experience for our audiences. I want to thank the whole production team for working so hard on this, our 61st show. I also want to thank the tech team and all the volunteers for their hard work.

Thank you to the Albany Hills Church for supporting us in our rehearsals and productions
and finally thank you to all the parents and aspiring young actors who make the production go from beginning to end.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy Brisbane Junior Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde Jr.



Based on the award-winning Broadway musical and the smash hit motion picture, Legally Blonde JR. is a fabulously fun journey of self-empowerment and expanding horizons. The show’s instantly recognisable songs are filled with humor, wit and sass – leaving cast members and audiences alike seeing pink.

Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams.

When Elle’s high school boyfriend Warner dumps her and heads to Harvard, claiming she is not ‘serious’ enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song-and-dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate Emmett and spunky hairdresser Paulette along the way, Elle finds that books and looks are not mutually exclusive. As Elle begins outsmarting her peers, she realises that law may be her natural calling after all.

Legally Blonde JR. features large, energetic dance numbers with an expandable cast of sorority sisters, law school students, hairdressers and more.


Cast List

Bruiser Cast

Rufus Cast

ELLE WOODS Katharine Vacca Lauren McGuckin
WARNER Travis Harries Regardt van Driel
PAULETTE Danielle Jess Stringer
EMMETT Jack Biggs Jack Biggs
CALLAHAN Matt Bettinson Matt Bettinson
VIVIENNE KENSINGTON Micheal Hornery Teresa Stringer
KYLE Daniel Brown Daniel Brown
MARGOT Jada Parsons Maddie Coleman
SERENA Ruby Middleton Emma Venzke
PILAR Gabi Joseph Florentina Bautista
KATE Mina Aanat Caitlin Weal
DELTA NU FRIEND Chloe Guy, Emma Cheel Niamh Cadoo-Dagley, Elizabeth Aboud
BROOKE WYNDHAM Antonia Garcia Laura Shaw
GAELEN Challanor Gilbert Kelsey Pigram
BRUISER Chloe Annabelle Chloe Annabelle
RUFUS Champion George Swartzlic Gaylord Focker
SALESWOMAN Lauren McGuckin Katherine Vacca
STORE MANAGER Maddie Coleman Jada Parsons
GRANDMASTER CHAD Ethan Beer Ethan Beer
Harvard Administrators
WINTHROP Emma Venzke Ruby Middleton
LOWELL Gabi Joseph Florentina Bautista
PFORZHEIMER Caitlin Weal Challanor Gilbert
JET BLUE PILOT Daniel Brown Daniel Brown
Emmett/Elle Classmates
AARON SCHULZ Dominic Mitchell Sean Tayler
PADAMADAN Daniel Brown Daniel Brown
ENID HOOPES Ellanah Vicca Piper Rosenblatt
WHITNEY Elizabeth Aboud Emma Cheel
DEWEY Regardt van Driel Travis Harries
SABRINA Jess Alback Jess Alback
PRISON GUARD Sean Tayler Dominic Mitchell
Bend & Snap
KIKI THE COLOURIST Teresa Stringer Micheal Hornery
CASHIER Niamh Cadoo-Dagley Niamh Cadoo-Dagley
STYLIST Chloe Guy Chloe Guy
BOOKISH CLIENT Jess Alback Jess Alback
JUDGE Jess Stringer Danielle Remulta
BAILIFF Dominic Mitchell Sean Tayler
CHUTNEY WYNDHAM Piper Rosenblatt Ellanah Vicca
HARVARD LAW STUDENTS Erin Johnson, Nicole Starie, Tahlia McKay, Sophia Lloyd-Hansen
INMATES Spencer Mitchell, Aaron Aanat, Rohin Hornery
COURTROOM,BYSTANDERS & FAMILY Jessica Davies, Ellia Smith, Erin Johnson, Nicole Starie, Tahlia McKay, Sophia Lloyd Hansen, Samara Stuart, Yanika Stuart, Bella Lucht, Rose Moodie
SALON PATRONS Emma Cheel, Elizabeth Aboud


Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Jacob Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Production Assistant Jesse Bradford
Choreographer Ebony Banks, Rosemary Ingle
Choreographer’s Assistant Steph Inches
Makeup Bridget Ingle
Costumes Michelle Hornery, Leonie Johnson, Geena Luckin, Maxwell Hobday
Publicist Kirstin Cadoo-Dagley
Set Design Concept Carrie Akhurst
Set Assistant Brian Clark, Anais French
Sound Neil Moodie
Lighting Design Stephen Moodie / Jack Bradford
Lighting Operator Jesse Bradford
Spotlight Maxwell Hobday
Overhead Anais French
Music Operator Glenda Whitred
Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
DVD Production Mike Cankam
Program Design Trina Power