Jack Bradford, Director

Oklahoma was a landmark musical in 1948 and is still an important piece of theatre in 2007 with Hugh Jackman‘s recent London and Broadway revival. Brisbane Junior Theatre’s version has been put together this week with a great cast of young professionals. We have had lots of fun and excitement watching the music, dance, costumes, sets and all the rest come together.

I want to express my gratitude to Debbie, George, Megan, Glenda, Geena, Lydia, Roz, Kylie, Karen and her team including Fred, Linda, Kerry UU, Bev and Debbie. I want to also thank all of our parents who have contributed their time and effort helping in various was. A big THANK YOU also goes to Pastor Ian Parker and Pastor David Bishop and the Albany Hills Christian Church who have worked with us so well in this new venue. I hope you, the audience, really enjoy Oklahoma and the message of hope and overcoming obstacles this play shares.



Based on Lynn Riggs’ 1931 play Green Grow the Lilacs, Oklahoma! is set in Indian Territory soon after the turn of the century. The simple tale is mostly concerned with whether the decent Curly McLoin or the menacing Jud Fry will take Laurey Williams to the box social. Though in a fit of pique, Laurey chooses Jud, she really loves Curly and they soon make plans to marry. At their wedding, there is a joyous celebration of Oklahoma’s impending statehood, Jud is accidentally killed in a fight with Curly, and the newlyweds prepare to ride off in their surrey with the fringe on top. A comic secondary plot has to do with a romantic triangle involving man-crazy Ado Annie Carnes, cowboy Will Parker, and peddler Ali Hakim.


Cast List

Cherokee Cast

Camanche Cast

Aunt Eller Rachel Bishop Phoebe Ballard
Curly Jacob Bradford Michael Whittred
Laurey Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts Hannah Cliff
Ike Skidmore Jordon Varnier Bailey Harrison
Fred Victor Odsey Victor Odsey
Slim Tim Nelson Tim Nelson
Will Parker Martin Ingle Cameron Cliff
Jud Fry Zac Bradford Damon Thomson
Ado Annie Tammy Mathieson Eden Young
Ali Hakim Ryan McMillan Paul Gandini
Gertie Melissa Luckin Ashlee Smale
Andrew Carnes Jesse Bradford Dryden Bingham
Cord Elam Sam Jackson David Canham
Joe Taylor Hope-Hodgetts Caleb Sheraton
Dream Laurey Holly Marler Shikeita Gilmont
Dream Curley Dryden Bingham Cameron Cliff
Kate Luarna Bromley Rosie Odsey
Vivian Lily Rae Macarra Berthaly-Martyn
Virginia Lauren Vautier Katie Faulkner
Ellen Ellen Riley Olivia Hussey
Tom Jose Deandrade Jose Deandrade
Mike Christopher Gilmont Christopher Gilmont


Production Team



The Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Choreography George Canham
Assistant Choreographer Megan Goodall
Production Manager Lydia Varnier
Music Assistant Glenda Whittred
Costume Manager Geena Luckin
Costume Assistant Jemma Whittred
Stage Set & Design Supervisor Karen Deandrade, U.U Sheraton, Kerry Smale, Debbie Barr, Bev Bryer, Margaret Mortensen, Fred & Linda Bingham
Makeup Supervisor Bridgett Ingle
Sound Desk Neil Moodie
Lights Stephen Moodie
Spot Light Ian Hussey
Canteen Roslyn Mathieson, Lydia Varnier, Glenda Jackson
Administration Kylie Harrison