Jack Bradford, Director

The Journey of Pinocchio and Geppetto is one of transformation and hope. The main characters are flawed but genuine and have a deep desire for belonging and fulfilment. This gives the audience a formula for pathos and comedy in an eternally universal story that only Disney could produce.

Where Disney mainly follows Pinocchio’s journey, The Stephen Schwarz written Musical ”My Son Pinocchio” jointly follows Geppetto and Pinocchio’s story. The great Disney songs include “When you Wish Upon a Star” and ”I Got No Strings. ” Schwartz adds many
new songs with modern theatrical style and wit.”

Brisbane Junior Theatre is producing Pinocchio as its 62nd show in 16 years and is proud to have a talented cast and crew to make the magic happen. I would like to thank the entire cast and all their parents for being a part of this production. I am also grateful for our team of designers and operators including costume mistress Geena Luckin. I also would like to thank Neil and Stephen Moodie for their great tech work. I also want to thank the set crew including Carrie Ackhurst and Brian Clark. Thanks also to Debbie Bradford and Jake Bradford for their musical direction and David Canharn and Antonia Garcia for their work on the choreography. The hair and make up of Bridget lngle is also much appreciated.

These shows would not happen except for the help of these great artists and supporters of BJT. I would like to invite you now to enjoy and relive the story of Pinocchio!



My Son Pinocchio” by Stephen Schwartz & David Stern is the story also known as (Geppetto’s Musical Tale). The classic tale of an aging toymaker and his puppet, Pinocchio, takes on timely issues in Disney’s My Son Pinocchio. Grammy Award-winner and master melodist Stephen Schwartz adds a compelling score of original songs to the beloved classics When You Wish Upon a Star and I’ve Got No Strings. Join the Blue Fairy,
Stromboli and a lively cast of characters as Geppetto journeys beyond the Toy Shop to discover what makes the “perfect child.” This family-friendly musical is appropriate for all audiences and is a magical mix of heartwarming fairytale and action-packed adventure.
Audiences will love following Pinocchio’s journey from an awkward wooden puppet to a real, live boy and will be charmed by Geppetto’s transformation from demanding creator to a real, live boy.

Pinocchio must prove himself brave, truthful and unselfish, but what about the toymaker? Raising a perfect child might not be as easy as it looks. The Blue Fairy and her Fairies in Training lead Geppetto on a hilarious journey through this fractured fairytale in order to discover what it means to be “A real father.”


Cast List



PINOCCHIO Ethan Beer Dominic Ambrose
GEPPETTO Jacob Bradford Thomas Hardie
ROSA Jada Parsons Niamh Cadoo-Dagley
VIOLA Freya Allen Jess Alback
ARANCIA Olivia Hutchins Cara Slim
SUE Danielle Remulta Laura Shaw
THE BLUE FAIRY Caitlin Weal Micheal Hornery
STROMBOLI Jose de Andrade Jose de Andrade
MARIONETTES Tyler Mackay, Damon Poletto Tyler Mackay, Damon Poletto
MARIONETTES Damon Poletto Damon Poletto


DANTE Eulla Cadoo-Dagley Eulla Cadoo-Dagley
AGATA Lucy Stone Lucy Stone
FIORELLO Rohin Hornery Rohin Hornery
FRANCESCA Siena Hardie Siena Hardie
ADRIANA Mya Remulta Mya Remulta
LUIGI Alastair McDonald Alastair McDonald
GINA Kate Gresham Kate Gresham
LIA Mattea Remulta Mattea Remulta
RICO Mac Gynther Mac Gynther
CHILD 1 Damon Poletto Damon Poletto
CHILD 2 Jessica Davies Jessica Davies
CHILD 3 Sienna Smith Sienna Smith
CHILD 4 Leah Gresham Leah Gresham
RINGLEADER Patrick McGrory Patrick McGrory


BOY 1 Tyler Mackay Tyler Mackay
BOY 2 Damon Poletto Damon Poletto
BOY 3 Jackson Hughesman Jackson Hughesman
BOY 4 Aaron Aanat Aaron Aanat


SIGNORI LISI Jessica Stringer Jessica Stringer
MANCINI Mia Ambrosi Mia Ambrosi
SOMELLA Erin Johnson Erin Johnson
CONTRASTANA/ROSATI Teresa Stringer Teresa Stringer
FUSITO/PROTO Thomas Hardie Jacob Bradford
ALCAMO Dominic Mitchell Dominic Mitchell
MARINO Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford
TOWN MOTHER Tess Fowler Tess Fowler
TOWN MOTHER Angelica Who Angelica Who
TEACHER SIGNORA GIOVANNI Jessica Stringer Jessica Stringer


AMELIA Jessica Stone Jessica Stone
SALVATORE Mattea Remulta Mattea Remulta
CARLA Kate Gresham Kate Gresham
LUCIA Bella Lucht Bella Lucht
GIUSEPPE Siena Hardie Siena Hardie
TALIA (perfect child) Mya Remulta Mya Remulta
Spencer Mitchell Spencer Mitchell
Jessica Davies Jessica Davies
Alastair McDonald Alastair McDonald
Sienna Smith Sienna Smith
Leah Gresham Leah Gresham
BERNARDO Dominic Mitchell Dominic Mitchell
MARIA Jess Stringer Jess Stringer
PROFESSERE BUONRAGAZZA Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford
JUNIOR Patrick McGrory Patrick McGrory
PIG Laura Shaw Danielle Remulta
FOX Mattea Remulta Mattea Remulta
HORSE Teresa Stringer Teresa Stringer
FOX MOTHER Micheal Hornery Caitlin Weal


MALVOLIO Jessica Stone Jessica Stone
BRUTTO Damon Poletto Damon Poletto
SPORCO Jackson Hughesman Jackson Hughesman
Delinquent Children Siena Hardie Siena Hardie
Delinquent Children Tyler Mackay Tyler Mackay
Delinquent Children Mya Remulta Mya Remulta
Delinquent Children Mac Gynther Mac Gynther
Delinquent Children Aaron Aanat Aaron Aanat
Delinquent Children Eulla Cadoo-Dagley Eulla Cadoo-Dagley
Delinquent Children Spencer Mitchell Spencer Mitchell
Marionette Dancers Jada Parson Jada Parson
Marionette Dancers Damon Poletto Damon Poletto
Marionette Dancers Kate Gresham Kate Gresham
Marionette Dancers Tyler Mackay Tyler Mackay


Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Jacob Bradford, Debbie Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Production Assistant Bronwyn Akhurst
Choreographer David Canham
Choreographer’s Assistant Antonia Garcia
Makeup Bridget Ingle
Costumes Geena Luckin, Michelle Hornery
Props Carrie Akhurst
Props Assistants Twyla Akhurst, Max Hobday
Publicist Kirstin Cadoo-Dagley
Set Assistant Brian Clark
Sound Neil Moodie
Lighting Design Stephen Moodie / Jack Bradford
Lighting Operator Joshua Lucht
Spotlight Twyla Akhurst
Overhead Maddi Coleman
Music Operator Jack Bradford
Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
DVD Production Mike Cankam
Artist Josh Miller
Program Design Trina Power