Jack Bradford, Director

This is the second time BJ T has produced the King and I G2K. In 2005, we performed this play with a talented cast in a Catholic Hall in Bracken Ridge. The result was powerful and this production has again produced a wonderful and intuitive cast who have taken Rodgers and Hammerstein’s great musical and brought life to the music and libretto. This true story is about the relationship that grows between Anna and the King of Siam and about how it changes both them and the course of a nation and perhaps the world in the late 1800’s. This is also a story about a woman who maintains her dignity through trials and difficult cirmnstonoes. This is very importmt because at this time very few women of non royal blood had so much influence in such an era. I am very proud of this small but talented cast and want to thank them for their hard work. I also would like to thank my production team Debbie, George, Kylie, Geena, Carrie, Glenda, Karen, Jemma and Neil and Stephen as well as all their teams of helpers and all the parents who have helped to make this production happen. Thank you also to the Albany Hills Christian Church for their kindness and cooperation. Now enjoy yourself as you are transported back in time to relive the story of Anna and the King – “The King and I”!  I also want to add: Thank you also to Kristian Wale and the Shaftesbury Organisation for their kind support.



In this romantic musical, the boy-meets-girl plot is woven into the historical context of
British Imperialism in Asia. Thus it is also the story of a clash between cultures and the
dynamics between Great Britain and ‘oriental’ peoples. The King of Siam invites an English governess to come to his country and teach the children of his many wives about the modern world. Yet he himself resists changing his traditional role as benevolent patriarchal dictator until the attractive and bold young governess wins his heart and his respect. It is his son Prince Chuiaionghorn who will carry on the King’s program of scientific modernization of Siam after the King‘s death in the final scene


Cast List



Anna Laura Mulcahy Bronte Pearson
The King Liam Obyrne Jacob Bradford
Ying Melisa Luckin Rebecca Smith
Lady Thiang Saphire Dobbie Sarah Denaro
Tuptim Alicia Miller Kaisha Durban
Lun Tha Dryden Bingham Jesse Bradford
Kralahome David Canham Cody Arthur
Louis Max Ramsey Robbie Mitchell
Prince Chulalongkorn Samuel Canham David Cheel
Captain Orton Clae Whiteshaw Jose DeAndrade
Interpreter Nicole Harvey Nicole Harvey
Royal Guard Manni Hamed
Royal Guard Lachlan Durban
Sir Edward Ramsey Cody Arthur David Canham

Royal Wives

Butri Nicole Harvey Rachael Kelly
Thara Stephanie Francis Amy Beahan
Yuseon Celine Huart Eloise Crowther
JiMin Delany Harrison Rosie DeAndrade
Juree Twyla Akhurst Twyla Akhurst
Sing Sean Stephanie Inches Georgia Dower

Royal Children

Ming (twin child of JiMin) Wade Campbell
Ling (twin child of JiMin) Mark Campbell
Ying Yaowalak (child of Sing Sean) Emma Venzke Emma Cheel
Quakson (child of Butri) Kelsey Pigram Paris Varnier
YuLee (child of Thara) Tessa Miller Abigail Smith
Haemin (child of Yuseon) Grace Campbell Phoebe Gosper
Suchung (child of Juree) Manni Hamed Lachlan Durban
Singlu (child of Juree) Aurora Pearson Maddison Coleman
Suling Charlea Hahn Charlea Hahn
Soloists (finale) Amy Beahan Paris Varnier

Small House of Uncle Thomas

Eliza Bronwyn Ackhurst
Uncle Thomas Robbie Mitchell Max Ramsey
Eva Kelsey Pigram
Topsy Paris Varnier
King Simon of Legree Samuel Canham
Angel/George Dryden Bingham
Buddha Manni Hamed
Search Dog Mark Campbell
Wade Campbell
Lachlan Durban


Production Team



The Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Choreographer George Canham
Costume Manager Geena Luckin
Costume Co-ordinators Ryan McMillan, Sian Frances
Production Manager Lydia Varnier
Stage Managers Julie Canham & Mike Canham
Stage Set & Design Supervisor Karen Deandrade
Stage Set & Design Assistants Brian Clark, Fred Bingham, Alan Denaro, Anita Ramsey, U.U Sheraton
Props Manager Carrie Akhurst
Make-up & Hair Co-Ordinator Jemma Whittred
Sound Desk Neil Moodie
Lights Operation Stephen Moodie
Spotlight Operator Nicholas Moodie
Music & Sound Operator Glenda Whittred
Video Cameraman David Cliff
Photography Cynthia Cliff
Canteen Fiona Denaro, Kyle Harrison
Administration Kylie Harrison