Jack Bradford, Director

Brisbane Jr. Theatre is producing the Wizard of Oz and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown back to back this school holidays. This is BJT’s 59th and 6oth show in 16 years. This is the first time I have directed The Wizard of Oz and I am excited to have such a great young cast and producing this iconic show on the multi million dollar MPAC stage 2nd & 3rd October. Everybody knows the story of Dorothy’s journey to land of Oz with the famous songs “Over the Rainbow” and “If I Only Had a Brain”. Our talented actors and crew work in a summer stock repertory style in one week to put together these great shows. So come out and support Australia’s most prolific youth theatre company.



When a tornado rips through Kansas, Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are whisked away in their house to the magical land of Oz. They follow the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City to meet the Wizard , and en route they meet a Scarecrow that needs a brain, a Tin Man who is missing a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who wants courage. The wizard asks the group to bring him the broom of the Wicked Witch of the West to earn his help.


Cast List

Kansas Cast

Oz Cast

DOROTHY Jasmin Paterson Danielle Remulta
AUNT EM Piper Rosenblatt Kelsey Pigram
UNCLE HENRY Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford
SCARECROW Jack Biggs Kayne Missen
LION Gabi Joseph Laura Shaw
TIN MAN Niamh Cadoo-Dagley Bethany Halpin
WICKED WITCH Twyla Akhurst Twyla Akhurst
TOTO Lucy Stone Mya Remulta
WIZARD Lachlan Farnfield Lachlan Farnfield
DOORMAN/GUARD Kohen Hansen Ned Franklin
GLINDA Teresa Stringer Amelia Burton
MISS GULCH Micheal Hornery Micheal Hornery
WINGED MONKEYS Leo Franklin Henry Franklin
NIKKO Aaron Aanat Aaron Aanat
WINKIE GUARDS Spencer Mitchell Christopher Thomson
LEADER OF THE WINKIES Andrew Thomson Andrew Thomson
ROWBOAT MAN #1 Andrew Thomson Andrew Thomson
ROWBOAT MAN #2 Christopher Thomson Christopher Thomson
MUNCHKIN #1 Allie Litke Allie Litke
MUNCHKIN #2 Georgia Guy Georgia Guy
MAYOR OF MUNCHKIN CITY Ethan Beer Mattea Remulta
BARRISTER Dominic Ambrose Eugeenia Wen
CORONER Patrick McGrory Patrick McGrory
LITTLE TOTS Amy Beer, Lauren Johnson, Isabella Lucht, Eulla Cadoo-Dagley
TOUGH KIDS Ashlee Johnson, Kate Gresham, Charliee McKinnon
CROW Spencer Mitchell Spencer Mitchell
APPLE TREE #1 Jessica Stone Siena Hardie
APPLE TREE #2 Tione Zylstra Nastasia Beattie
APPLE TREE #3 Jess Alback Tylah Crew
MUNCHKINS/JITTERBUGS/OZNIANS Jessica Davies, Tyler Mackay, Emma Bundock

Production Team



Director Jack Bradford
Music Director Debbie Bradford
Production Manager Debbie Bradford
Choreographer Janet Thiel
Choreographer’s Assistant Bronwyn Akhurst
Costume Design Geena Luckin
Costume Assistants Michelle Hornery, Terese Christiansen, Max Hobday
Makeup Design Bridget Ingle
Publicist Alix Hill
Props Carrie Akhurst
Stage Set Brian Clark, Kirsten Clark
Sound Neil Moodie
Lighting Design Jack Bradford, Damien Foat
Lighting Operator Jack Bradford
Spotlight Twyla Akhurst
Overhead Max Hobday
Music Operator Glenda Whittred
Canteen Sandie Mitchell
Box Office Debbie Bradford, Sandie Mitchell
Stage Manager Carrie Akhurst
DVD Production Mike Canham
Artwork Josh Miller